Illawarra Fly Treetops

Soar above the tree tops with Ranger Jamie Tours at I-FLY.

Ranger Jamie Tours are super proud and excited to announce their amazing and brand-new partnership with Illawarra Fly Treetops for 2020 and beyond. Enjoy fun and interactive, fully guided educational programs designed and guided by our expert Rangers. All I-FLY excursions are a full day adventure from 10am-2pm.

One Ranger guide provided 1 per 35 students.


All parents and teachers can attend for no additional cost.

+GST. As this program is an educational service, all GST charged can be reimbursed in its entirety by the Government. This price excludes transport. (Minimum charge of x35 students).

What's Included

GoPro Short Film 1 Supplementry Lesson Ideas Completed Risk Assessment

Illawarra Fly Treetops Excursions

Early Stage 1


Stage 1
Years 1-2


Stage 2
Years 3-4


Stage 3
Years 5-6


Title Address Description
Illawarra Fly Treetops
182 Knights Hill Rd, Knights Hill NSW 2577, Australia