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Embark on an incredible educational journey with our brand-new partnership with Captain Cook Cruises!

We are thrilled to introduce an exciting new collaboration that brings the best of land and sea together for an unforgettable student experience. Aboard a breath-taking Captain Cook Cruise charter, students will experience the captivating ocean scenery and cityscape of one of Australia’s most iconic locations – Sydney Harbour. This partnership between Ranger Jamie Tours and Captain Cook Cruises is set to redefine school excursions, offering an enriching blend of education and adventure.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity for students to explore, discover, and learn in the iconic setting of Sydney Harbour!

One Ranger guide provided per 35 students.

from $25.40

1x Teacher free per x10 students
+GST. As this program is an educational service, all GST charged can be reimbursed in its entirety by the Government. This price excludes transport. (Minimum charge of x30 students).

The greater the number of students you bring, the lower the cost per person!
The pricing framework for our Captain Cook Cruse excursion is contingent upon the number of primary school participants attending the excursion.

Number of students Price per student
30 – 39 $70.75+GST
40 – 49 $56.30+GST
50 – 59 $47.65+GST
60 – 69 $41.90+GST
70 – 79 $37.75+GST
80 – 89 $34.65+GST
90 – 99 $32.25+GST
100 – 109 $30.35+GST
110 – 119 $28.75+GST
120 – 129 $27.45+GST
130 – 139 $26.35+GST
140 $25.40+GST

Early Stage 1


Stage 1
Years 1-2


Stage 2
Years 3-4


Stage 3
Years 5-6