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Symbio Wildlife Park

What better way to learn about Australian fauna than with an up close and personal experience at Symbio Wildlife Park!

All Symbio excursions kick off with an exclusive live animal presentation in an intimate amphitheater setting. All excursions are a full day adventure from 10am-2pm and are guided with an expert Ranger for the entire day. Ranger Jamie Tours has been proudly partnering with Symbio Wildlife Park since 2018. Symbio is the first Wildlife Park in Australia to provide specialised whole day educational programs and Ranger Jamie Tours is proud to announce that we are the sole providers of educational excursions at Symbio. We are excited to continue this close partnership in 2020 with new and improved programs for your students to experience.

One Ranger guide provided 1 per 35 students.


1x Teacher free per x10 students (Kindy)
1x Teacher free per x15 students (Yr 1-6)
1x Teacher free per x30 students (Yr 7-10)
$30.00 per additional Teacher/Parent

+GST. As this program is an educational service, all GST charged can be reimbursed in its entirety by the Government. This price excludes transport. (Minimum charge of x35 students).

What's Included

Completed Risk Assessment

Optional Extras

Animal Feed

Early Stage 1


Stage 1
Years 1-2


Stage 2
Years 3-4


Stage 3
Years 5-6


Symbio Wildlife Park