City Cultural Tasting Adventure



All parents and teachers can attend for no additional cost.

+GST. As this program is an educational service, all GST charged can be reimbursed in its entirety by the Government. This price excludes transport. (Minimum charge of x30 students).



Experience the tranquil peace of a Chinese Garden, the bustling chaos of Chinatown and the taste of fresh dumplings, topped off with a tasty fudge experience! This lively and colourful adventure day will have children of all ages discovering a range of engaging and authentic cultural experiences that the vibrant city of Sydney has to offer.

Students observe water dragons among luscious bamboo forests, explore colourful lanterns, discover their own zodiac sign and learn Mandarin calligraphy writing within the majestic Chinese Gardens. Next, students will learn about the diversity of the world’s people and investigate how places, people and cultures differ across the world whilst exploring the hidden laneways of Chinatown. After retreating to an authentic Chinese Noodle House for a delicious dumpling lunch, the day ends with a trip to a Fudge Treat Factory where students will not only discover first-hand how their favourite sweet treats are made, but also sample some mouth-watering fudge for themselves!

This jam-packed and fast paced day is a unique and exciting adventure for students of all ages, sure to be the highlight of any school holiday!


Syllabus Outcomes Addressed

Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority

Framework for school aged care in Australia

OUTCOME 1: Children have a strong sense of identity
OUTCOME 2: Children are connected with and contribute to their world
OUTCOME 3: Children have a strong sense of wellbeing
OUTCOME 4: Children are confident and involved learners
OUTCOME 5: Children are effective communicators

Quality Area 1 - Educational program and practice
Quality Area 3 - Physical environment
Quality Area 5 - Relationships with children



4 Hour Excursion (10am - 2pm)

Time allocation for incursions can be tailored and adjusted to suit your individual vacation care timetable and scheduling.


Leave it all with us! Whilst you are welcome to organise your own transport to and from our adventures, alternatively you can book with our Ranger Jamie buses or coaches. Ask us for a transport quote and we can take care of everything!

Please note, all coaches include seatbelts for students however, buses do not.

What's Included

Completed Risk Assessment

Day Outline

Arrival / Morning Tea / Toilet Break
(approx. 20 minutes)
Introductory Presentation The day kicks off with a meet and greet with our enthusiastic Rangers before enjoying an interactive and engaging presentation in Tumbalong Park Darling Harbour
(approx. 15 minutes)
Grouping: Students are divided into their groups of approximately x 30 students and are allocated a Ranger guide for each activity.
Activity 1 Guided Tour of Chinese Garden of Friendship approximately 45 minutes.
Activity 2 Guided Tour of China Town approximately 45 minutes.
Lunch / Toilet Break at Chinese Dumpling Noodle House
(approx. 35 minutes)
Activity 3 Mandarin calligraphy letter writing approximately 30 minutes
Activity 4 Fudge Factory Shoop for approximately 30 minutes.
Wrap Up / Conclusion / Toilet Break
(approx. 20 minutes)


Ranger Jamie Tours have carefully selected the following activities for your students to enjoy on the day.

  • Guided tour of The Chinese Garden of Friendship identifying customs, zodiac signs, symbols and beliefs which played an important part shaping Australia
  • Explore China Town’s architecture, religious beliefs, food, festivals and cultural way of life
  • Students experience the taste of Asia with fresh and an authentic variety of dumplings for lunch
  • Mandarin calligraphy letter writing
  • Students enjoy a complimentary sweet treat as they witness the traditional way that Fudge is made at the Fudge Factory Darling Harbour


Sydney City CBD

  • China Town & Chinese Gardens of Friendship – TOP PICK

View the Google Map below for marked locations.


All parents and teachers can attend for no additional cost.

+GST. As this program is an educational service, all GST charged can be reimbursed in its entirety by the Government. This price excludes transport. (Minimum charge of x30 students).

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Title Address Description
China Town
82-84 Dixon St, Haymarket NSW 2000, Australia
Chinese Gardens of Friendship
Chinese Garden of Friendship, Pier Street, Cnr Harbour St, Darling Harbour NSW 2000, Australia