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Science Incursions

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Let us shed a new light onto electricity and energy in this exciting and action packed learning experience! In this engaging fast-paced incursion, students investigate how electrical energy can control movement with a range of STEM based activities and challenges. In just two hours, your students will make their very own electrical circuits, solar ovens AND wind turbines! Working within teams in competitive games, students will be eagerly participating and enthusiastically motivated as they investigate and discover first-hand how electricity can be used in a product while observing different types of energy transformations. Let us spark student interest in this fun and memorable session where you won’t even have to leave the front gate!

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Watch as the excitement heats up in this interactive and action packed science STEM based program! Prepare your students to get their hands dirty as they discover the effect of heat on the properties and behaviour of materials in making their very own SLIME! With exciting explosions, demonstrations and hands-on experiments, students will examine the result of combining different materials and discover how materials can be changed and manipulated. Investigate first-hand the different properties of solids, liquids and gases, and discover what happens when combining and separating certain mixtures. Exploding bag challenges, lava lamp making and pressure rockets will have students bursting with excitement and an eagerness to get involved in this unforgettable and exciting learning experience.

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